Scottish Wedding Venue

Emma spent many childhood holidays at Glenfernate helping at lambing time, feeding orphan lambs etc. As a teenager she attended Stirling University so Glenfernate was a bit of a ‘home from home’ for her. We were quite touched when she brought her fiancé up to meet us! She really took our breath away when she telephoned a few weeks later to say she wanted to get married up here! Not in the local church but by the bathing pool!!

As you can see from the photographs she got her wish. ‘That Was the Week that Was!’ Family and friends were entertained with activities for the week prior to the wedding. Quite an affair when even the weather behaved!!

Photographs courtesy of Andy Marshalsey.

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Simon and Aileen had been coming to Glenfernate for thr May holiday weekend with the Austin 7 club for quite a few years. After hearing about Emma and Adrrian’s wedding in 2008 they too were interested in the idea of getting married up here.

Their plan was a little different. They thought of having a marquee in one of the fields around the farm steading. They would rent the Farmhouse for two weeks. The week previous to the wedding to oversee the preparations and the week after to relax and enjoy themselves. Family and friends could book into local B&B’s and hotels.

As time went by they realised it might be a better idea renting Glenfernate Lodge for the weekend of the wedding to house immediate family, especially for the older members ad the ones with children. With this new plan, we were able to suggest the croquet lawn in the Lodge grounds for the marquee, an ideal spot.

Many of the Austin 7 club camp and caravan as they tour around their various venues so the original “marquee” field was converted into a campsite and was perfect for parking cars as well.

As you can see by the photographs a super time was had by all!!!

It was while applying for a license for Simon and Aileen’s marriage that the Registrar’s office suggested we apply for a license for the Lodge. We now have a license for marriages to be held there as well.

If you are interested in Glenfernate for your wedding venue please get in touch with us.

We can send you a folder with all the contacts that were used in these recent weddings and proved to be reliable.

We at Glenfernate will do our best to help and advise you in every way we can to make it an enjoyable and happy event for you.

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